Marsaxlokk, Malta Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Malta: Marsaxlokk.
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photograph of Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is a fishing village situated on the south eastern coast of Malta. Its almost entirely circular bay is very sheltered and peppered with fishing boats, beautifully painted in the traditional Maltese blue. These boats have an eye painted on their bows to protect them from the evil eye.

The fishing industry seems to be thriving here - judging from the number of fishermen mending nets and cleaning and maintaining their boats. Indeed Marsaxlokk is the foremost fishing village in Malta and probably the most picturesque.

Most of Malta's fish supplies are landed in this port and include swordfish, tuna and the locally popular 'lampuki'. During the week, the fish are sold in Malta's capital, Valletta, but on Sundays the fishermen sell it straight from the quay in Marsaxlokk itself.

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Map of Malta showing the location of Marsaxlokk at Latitude 35.840078 / Longitude 14.545577.
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