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Popeye Village
Popeye Village "The many attractions include boat trips, a cinema, souvenir shops, themed restaurants, shows, a fun park and you can even meet some of the main characters from the film...."
Blue Grotto
Blue Grotto "The colours are incredible- beautiful, clear, azure water which is amazingly deep. There are many limestone caves, each with a name to suit its features - one is shaped like an elephant..."
Cirkewwa, Paradise Bay
Cirkewwa, Paradise Bay "A truly picturesque beach, in a small, sheltered bay, with golden sands and backed by high, rocky cliffs, it's easy to see why this is known as Malta's Paradise Bay...."
Golden Bay Beach
Golden Bay Beach "There are 2 good restaurants on the beach and you can try your hand at water sports here including parasailing, if you are feeling adventurous..."


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The island of Malta - Climate

Malta bay

Winters in Malta are almost always mild.

Maltese Summers are usually warm, dry, and extremely sunny. The summer daytime temperature is often made more comfortable by a cool sea breeze, although in the spring and autumn seasons a very hot wind blowing from from Africa sometimes brings unpleasantly hot weather.

This wind is called "The Sirocco", and can also have an effect on Italy and Greece, although in Malta the air is even drier because of the short distance from the African coast.

Rainfall in Malta is low, and the summer dry season lasts longer than in southern part of Italy. Malta has an average of 5 or 6 hours of sunshine each day even in the depths of winter and in excess of 12 hours a day in summer.

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